Quality at first hand.


Reliable and durable products

The company Lafontaine has its own production factory which is very multifunctional. Experience, good consultancy, high quality, flexibility, adherence to delivery times and the excellent service are the reason for the unique goods with high quality.

We have introduced a quality system (the documented production control) and are able to offer more reliable and durable products.

Our production lines

  • Processing raw materials

    Flame-cutting of raw materials

  • Processing of metal plates

    Cutting, edging, punching and bending of metal sheets

  • Mechanical chip removal

    Chipping on conventional and CNC controlled machine tools

  • Welding stations

    Steel , stainless steel, aluminium

  • Company-owned assembly yard

    Basic units and protection plates

  • Paint spraying shop

    Significantly reduced solvent consumption with new parts washing system

  • Final assembly

    Feature production, mounting of sensors and control elements

  • Quality control

    Goods issuing department control and if applicable compression test


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